Peter has a Master of Laws degree with Honours from Auckland University.

For a period in excess of 25 years he has worked as the litigation partner in law firms in Auckland and has specialised in solving complex commercial disputes and unravelling intricate relationship (including matrimonial) property structures for spouses and partners.

He has been involved in Court proceedings, arbitration and mediation; such courts include the Court of Appeal, High Courts and Family and District Courts and specialist tribunals concerning employment and weathertight homes.

Many of the cases in which he has been involved have been reported in the law reports due to the importance of the legal principles being determined.

Peter believes he can assist clients with his usual sympathetic approach and an appreciation of the costs involved to clients but without cutting corners.

Recent disputes he has been involved with include:

  1. Claims by children against the estate of a late Father, such claims involving relationship property and statutes available to relatives
  2. Claim in respect of a leaky home
  3. Representing employers and employees in personal grievances
  4. Claiming a trust be ordered in respect of property contributed to by a person who was not the owner
  5. Claiming back stolen moneys which were traced to a property
  6. Claiming relationship (matrimonial) property from a trust fund, partnership and companies
  7. Enforcing an interest not registered against a property title